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Perudo is a fun and popular game that finds its roots in South America and came from the ancient Inca civilization. Much like other ancient gambling games like poker and keno, Perudo has gone through changes over the centuries and different cultures have created several different Perudo variations. Perudo has become the most common and generic form of the game but in fact other variations such as Santaba are still played today.

Other well-known variations and names for Perudo are Dudo (which in Spanish means I doubt), Liari, Cacho or Cachito and in Emglish: Liar's Dice. These games are immensely popular in Laton American culture especially in Peru where the game originated. Perudo Santaba is a slightly more complex version of the standard game of Perudo. All Perudo variations are played with dice and involve bluffing, guessing and calling. They are all mostly based on luck but do incorporate the art of bluffing into the game, which can be used strategically. All variations of Perudo can also be played with multiple players usually up to 6 at a time.

Some of these Perudo variations are played in live games, using sets of dice and special cups used for concealing the player's dice. Also, variations of Perudo are quickly gaining popularity with the online community. Perudo software can easily recreate all the fun and action of playing the game with a group of players. Online Perudo also give players the opportunity to connect with other players from all over the globe. Look for exciting new Perudo game variations online and start having fun!