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Perudo is a game that actually encourages lying so in order to pull off a bluff in Perudo you have to make the other players believe you are telling the truth. If not, you could get called out for being a liar when playing Perudo.ֲ  Here are a few tips that may help you win at Perudo online.

Much like in poker, which also involves bluffing, you can try to study your opponent. This Perudo strategy will help you make important gains. New Perudo players should not call out other players and should avoid being called out early in the game. Try to get a feel for the kind of Perudo players you are up against and learn who is a bluffer by watching the game progress.

Here's another tip that can help you at Perudo: When playing online Perudo, players tend to call the bluff of a player who has recently lost a die. That's why it is important for a Perudo player to keep the bids reasonable right after losing one or two dice.ֲ  Also, 2 to 6 players can play Perudo.

In larger games that involve 5 or 6 players, if your opponent is making things difficult for you by placing high bids over and over again then be prepared to go toe to toe and start calling them out. You will lose some dice but in the long run it may dissuade your Perudo opponent to play so aggressively in future games. Pick up some Perudo tips and develop your own winning strategy.