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Perudo is a game that has been played in South America for centuries and is thought to have come from the Inca culture. In recent years Perudo has gained popularity in other countries outside of Latin America and players from all over the world are taking part in this fantastic new game. Because the game originated in Peru much of the terminology is Spanish in origin but there are certain words attributed with this game that are especially just for playing Perudo. The Perudo numbers themselves have a special set of names that are used in game play:

Perudo is played with numbered dice from 1 to 6 and each digit has a special Perudo number name that is used during the game. Get familiar with the Perudo numbers before you start playing to avoid any confusion:

Number 1: called "as" and "ases" in plural.
Number 2: called either "tonto", "pato" or "don" and "tontos", "patos" and "dones" respectively in the plural.
Number 3: named "tren" or "trenes" in plural.
Number 4: called either "cuarta", "cuarto", or "cuadra" and in plural "cuartas", "cuartos" and "cuadras".
Number 5: called "quina" or "burro" and "quina" or "burros" in plural.
Number 6: known as "sexta" or "cena" and in plural "sextas" or "cenas".

Because Peruda has been around for so long as has existed in many different cultures different names, rules and regulations have emerged over the years. The Perudo numbers mentioned here may vary from one version of Perudo to another so make sure you know the rules and terms of the game before you start playing.