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The history of Poker is very similar to the Perudo, the big difference was in the online. Not like perudo ,The online poker industry was developed and grown very fast.

It is believed that Perudo was brought to Spain by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro during the 16th century. Pizarro conquered the ancient Inca Empire and founded Lima; what is now the capital of Peru. Historians believe that Perudo was originally an Inca game dating back hundreds of years and that the Spanish learned about it while in South America and helped spread its popularity. Perudo, also know as Santaba, Cachito, Cacho, Liar's dice, and Dudo is a very popular game in South America countries like Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

It is also believed that Perudo is connected to another ancient South American game called Liari -a dice game in which the players liar to each other or bluff about certain factors of the game. Perudo Santaba is a slightly more complex version of Perudo, which means "without truth in your pocket". It has more or less stuck to the original rules popularized by the Spanish. Perudo is considered a slightly more popular version of Santaba because it is a bit easier to play and has enjoyed immense popularity all over the world -not just in South America.

Also known as Liar's Dice, Perudo games are available at most game shops and can be ordered online. Perudo software simulation also allows Perudo players to enjoy this fun game online against other players or versus the game simulator. What makes Perudo such a fun and appealing game is that it allows up to 6 players to join in. Look for online Perudo and you can start practicing your skills while learning about the game via free Perudo software and get connected with other Perudo players from around the world.