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The following is a list of terms often used for playing Perudo and certain variations of Perudo. If you are learning how to play this game we recommend you get familiar with the terminology by referring to this Perudo glossary as needed:

Aces: The ace is a die showing the number 1 and is often counted as a wild card like a joker.

Cacho: the name of the cup used in Perudo. Each player gets one.

Calzo: Called when the Perudo player equalizes (sticks).

Calzone: This is called when the player has one die left. Only players with one die can alter the face value bid.

Dudo: This means that you doubt the player. If you call Dudo and are right the other player loses a die. If you call Dudo and are wrong you lose a die.

Dudo el paso: This can be called by the player and means "I doubt the pass"

Dropsi: If a player drops a die off the table the die is out of the game (even if it is caught before hitting the ground).

Jonti: The player can call this if they believe another player (whom they do not follow) has made a correct bid in that player's opinion. If correct he may regain a die.

Objecta - Call this if you feel another player has bumped you. It can result in a warning.

Oddball - Call this if a player makes a bid that does not seem possible in Perudo. The bid can be done over.

Obligo - Called when the player decides to oblige.

Palefico: In a round started by a Perudo player with only 1 die left special rules apply and this is called Palefico. In this round aces are not wild and can only count as 1 and the suit can't be changed so if the Palefico player bids in fives then all the players must stay in fives.

Paso: The command called when a player passes.

Tossa - This is simply a warning that one player believes another player has not shaken before the roll.

Tabba - This is called by the Perudo player when another player has broken the rules of a Calzone round by not giving the correct dice value.