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Though Perudo may be a lesser-known game to some parts of the world, it has long been a favorite in South American countries such as Peru, Chile and Bolivia. The game of Perudo was invented by the ancient Incas and was eventually brought over to Europe by the Spanish explorers who learned the fun game directly from the Incas. Though it is immensely popular in Spanish speaking Latin American countries, it is virtually unknown in North America and in European countries outside of Spain.

But the internet has done a lot to popularize many games and Perudo is no exception. Now players from countries all over the planet can meet online and start playing Perudo, which is an ideal game for multi player action. Using free Perudo software players can learn the game, practice and even enjoy bluffing for real money bets or just for fun.ֲ  It's important to remember that even though Perudo is based on dice, there is an element of skill and strategy in this game because it involves bluffing.

Much like poker, Perudo is a game that rewards bluffing (essentially lying to the other players) if it's done correctly. Bluffing too often will get you called out and never bluffing in Perudo will let the other players know that you are predictable. Honing your Perudo bluffing skills is an important part of the playing strategy. Before you start playing Perudo for money bets it's recommended that you try out a few games in free mode via Perudo software that is available online. Good luck!