Perudo, or Liar's Dice is the Newest, Hottest Game Around.

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Perudo is called Liars Dice, and when you play Perudo, you can enjoy that feeling of doubting the person next to you. Plus you get to guess whats happening under every players cup. Perudo is the newest skill game to hit the streets, and we know you'll love it.

Remember that game you used to play, the one you werent allowed to say the name of? In my house, we called it 'I doubt it.' Some people called it 'liar.'

The important part was that it was a game that let you lie. You could play any way you want to, but the best way to play was to lie a lot.

It has all the bluffing of poker without the setup, without the complications. Anyone can learn how to play, and anyone can win. All you have to know how to do is count. And how to lie.